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Year 2015


Right after completing my GRE and TOEFL exams, I had no idea what I should do next in my MS application process. That's when my friend recommended EOA to me and assured me that I was in 'safe hands'. Quite apprehensive at the beginning, I approached EOA on one fine Saturday and was quite pleased by the manner in which I was welcomed. Mr. Ramesh after looking at my profile, short-listed about 10 universities for my profile, and guaranteed me that I will receive at least 1 admission from the lot. Mr.Candhasswamie was very helpful right from editing my SOP's, LOR's, Resume and did a great job with the application process. I was left speechless when I realized that I had received an admit from an 'ambitious' university. That's when I realized how efficiently Mr.Ramesh had short-listed universities for me by gauging every single factor from my GRE Verbal, AWA scores to my TOEFL scores to my Undergrad to my work experience. After I obtained my i20, EOA worked non-stop in helping me get my Visa in 10 days. The way they conducted their mock interviews, and their priceless advice on how to answer certain tricky questions - no amount of Edulix threads or Facebook Group posts will help you this well. Once again I'd like to thank EOA for their efforts, and if you're indeed double-minded on joining a consultancy, I suggest you drop that thought right away and join EOA, as I will assure you that you are indeed in 'safe hands'.
Thanks a lot EOA! :)


My Experience with EOA was wonderful. The guidance gave by EOA was very good. They helped me in everything from the starting point of my application till the final process of getting a visa. The Universities shortlisted matched my profile in a great way. Now, I’m flying to USA for this fall. I really thank Candhasswamie sir who worked with my application from the start to end. The only work which I had done was paying my college application fees. And I thank Ramesh Sir who shortlisted the Universities for me, and Lakshmi Mam who encouraged me from the beginning. I really thank everyone for this wonderful guidance which made my dream come true.


Thank you so much for all the help and guidance. I'll be leaving to Arlington tomorrow to join UTA. Thanks a ton for everything and making this tedious task much easier. For all those numerous calls and answering silly doubts, thanks again. Will keep in touch for any future guidance!


I feel immense pleasure to convey my experience with EOA. Starting from day one, the guidance that EOA provides will continue till we step into the flight. As we are not aware of the process and procedure they undergo in US universities, EOA makes us understand each and every step that we go through. Not only the application process, EOA is supportive in terms of visa counseling, mock interview and all the details that are required for getting into a foreign country. Finally, if anyone plans for higher studies in USA, approach EOA and the success is for sure.

Gautham Surya

Thank you. You have been of great help. Without Candhasswamie and Ramesh sir this whole thing would have been much more difficult for me. I would gladly recommend you guys for my friends.


We were referred to by our family friend to EOA when we were scouting for guidance for doing MS in USA. From the day we entered EOA we had a pleasant experience and we were guided step by step more like hand holding.
Initially I along with my parents were given guidance as to how post graduation in USA would help us brighten my career. In the next step we were guided in selecting the course and then the right universities for my score and my aspiration. When I got the admissions from 4-5 universities selecting the right university was done by EOA with lot of expertise. I accordingly selected Arizona University. The next step for the Visa formalities was done by EOA. We had to just check the data filled up by them and all other things were meticulously taken care.
On the whole the experience was very pleasant and rewarding. Wishing EOA to continue their excellent services to the student community. Our special mention and appreciation to Mrs. Srilakshmi, Mr. Candhasswamie and Mr. Ramesh.

Keerthana Deivasigamani

"When I approached EDUCATION OVERSEAS ACADEMY, I was sure that I would get the right guidance and help with respect to pursuing my dream of studying in the US. True to my expectations, EOA did all that it could to help me with the admissions process. They helped me shortlist the universities as per my requirements.
They also gave me a list of all the documents that were required during the admissions process and later. My counselor took special care to explain every critical point related to the universities and the courses they offered. I also got ample tips with regard to the visa interview. My visa approval is the proof enough of the brilliant services that EOA offers.
I am happy that I came to EOA and deeply appreciate all the help they provided."


I'm really thankful to all the people at Education Overseas Academy for being patient with me and extending their full support. Mrs. Srilakshmi motivated me every time I felt unsure about myself and gave valuable suggestions periodically. Mr.Candhasswamie was a great help with the application processes and Mr. Ramesh helped me to choose the right universities (I got admission in 3 of the four universities I applied for!).The mock interview done at EOA with Mr. Ramesh was very helpful to me in getting an idea of what questions I might face at the visa interview. The incredible part was I got the same questions I got during the mock session!!Overall my experience with EOA was very good. I thank everyone at EOA for their timely help and their friendly manner.

Naveen Prakash A

My sincere thanks to EOA, for the wonderful guidance given to begin my new path. I experienced a very good service overall. All my emails and calls where responded with much friendly manner and with lot of patience for most of my silly and repeated questions. I would definitely suggest all my friends and juniors to approach this academy for a perfect guidance for study in abroad.

Nivetha Shanmuga Sundaram

The processing of your system is really good. Especially, the mail system was good, since we could able to explain our doubts in detail and the same for your answers. Also it is really helpful, when we needed some information that you had suggested already,, we can easily get back the information by reviewing the mail you sent, which will not be possible if it's entirely an oral communication.
In Helping out students with application works like creating account and filling out details, the methodology is excellent, because some students are not aware of the university application process.
While suggesting universities to the students initially that matches to their profile, please add some basic information about the universities that students can't find easily through internet. As students are not aware initially, they choose some random universities just based on some rankings. In effect, some of them don't like to go for that university after they got admits. So, if u can add some details of the university, they can choose the university wisely they like. Other than this everything is fine. The information you have provided is flawless.
Kindly, be in touch and I can update you about the university, courses, assistantship and scholarships opportunity at UIC. Please, ask me if you need some information. I am grateful to be part of your institution.
Thank you so much C S Varadarajan sir, Ramesh sir, M.Candhasswamie sir and others if have missed out some.
Thank you so much for helping me lot, in stepping my life to the next level successfully.

Ram Guhan

From the day 1 the concerns from EOA about my decisions were fantastic. The confidence they give you even though you have an average profile is really high. The best thing about EOA is that they help you all the time. They make our work seem very easy, also they never try to manipulate our decisions in choosing universities, courses. Also they do not have any tie-up with any of the universities. My experience with EOA is simply the best that I could have got. Right from my application process till the visa I was helped with each and everything .They are very transparent, I was updated with every single thing about my process even if it’s a small one. They also help you with visa issues training us how to handle visa interview questions. I am really grateful to Mr. Varadharjan, Mr. Ramesh, and Mr.Candhasswamie for assisting me on my application process. I strongly recommend anyone who looks to my feedback to go ahead with EOA, as they give you cent percent services.


The dream of studying M S in USA came true under the guidance of EOA. The help offered by the personal in EOA helped me to get admission at FLORIDA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY for FALL 2015. The kind of motivation support and guidance from the staff at EOA right from short listing of universes till the mock visa interview made the application process very easy. My sincere Thanks to Mr. Candhasswami for helping me in completing the application. Process on time and with no mistakes. Ramesh sir gave me the right choice of universities to apply and gave me good suggestions on how to answer the visa questions to the point. Last but not the least, I would like to thank Srilakshmi madam for giving me the confidence and support to apply for Fall 2015 and go ahead with the admissions.
Thank you EOA for the wonderful support and guidance.

Sarath Kumar

EOA - Highly Recommended (Believe them 200%), Srilakshmi Mam - You Gave Me the Confidence to Apply with Scores, Give it a Try (You Will Get It) - First Words Of Encouragement Candhasswamie Sir - Person who is Calm, Patient and Composed.
You Made It Easier For Me Right From the Beginning till the Departure, Talk to Him – You will Feel Better :)
About Ur Application Processing Stuff - Don't Worry (Candhasswamie Sir will be there to guide you)
Even the Small Doubts Any Time, He is there Responding to your Queries with a Smiling Face
Ramesh Sir - Thanks For Choosing the Best List Of Universities and Mock Interview Really Helped a Lot :)
(He Will Give the Best Mix Of Safe, Moderate, and Ambitious List )


" I extend my heartiest thanks to Education Overseas Academy (EOA), for making my dream to study in U.S.A come true. Like any applicant, I had always thought the entire process to be hectic and horrifying. But, EOA made the journey very light and smooth. My special regards to Ms. Srilakshmi, Mr. Ramesh and Mr.Chandaswamie for their continued support throughout the process.I definitely recommend EOA for a successful education career overseas.... "

Sukumar Santhanam

Well, if one shows me a list of rated Consultancies to move on for Counseling, I would say with innate optimism that EOA should stand at the acme. I am attending University of Minnesota, Twin Cities for fall’15. EOA have been simply best at what they are doing. For a bunch of people, who are working throughout the week or studying and still looking for a place to release the burden on choosing, applying for Universities, I would say EOA is heaven. They answer our queries with placidness and complete all our requirements in time. They help us in choosing Universities wisely based on various factors. I had 6/10 admits on the whole to choose from. I owe a deep sense of gratitude to Mr. Candhasswamie and Mr. Ramesh who have helped me throughout this process.


Thanks to EOA for their guidance, support and advice in securing admission and obtaining visa for higher studies in USA. I got admit in Rochester Institute of Technology, New York with the help, untiring and timely guidance of EOA throughout the application, admission and visa process. Once again I express my heartfelt thanks to EOA.

Vishnu Harish

My experience with EOA has been very memorable and extremely rewarding. My meetings with Srilakshmi madam made me feel that I have taken the right step to pursue my higher studies. I must to thank sincerely Ramesh sir, who helped me in the selection of universities and also Candhasswamie sir who gave me maximum help in the application process. All along he was very patient and easily approachable. Thanks to Candhasswamie sir. The mock interview training which Ramesh sir gave me, helped me to get a clear idea as to how to attend my visa interview. It instilled a lot of self confidence in me and I was able to do well. I thank you again for having helped me to get admission in Wayne state university. Thanks to EOA for their encouragement, support and guidance.


I am glad to give a testimonial for EOA
It has been a wonderful experience with EOA. Ramesh and Candhasswamie were very calm and patient in answering the umpteen number of questions that I had during the whole admission process. EOA made my Masters admission process less cumbersome, despite me having a tough work schedule at office. EOA provided me with SOP and LOR samples from students who got admits earlier from my dream universities. This helped me immensely in putting forth a strong application to my dream university. EOA provided an impeccable service all through the process of sending my GRE/TOEFL scores, applying to a whole list of universities, mailing the documents, SOP & LOR guidance, VISA interview process and pre-departure guidelines. Thank you for your guidance in securing an admit from Carnegie Mellon University. "

Anirudh Paranjothi

Basically US is the land of opportunities. US is known for its quality of education compare to other countries.
Before coming to EOA: I wrote GRE exam but I don't know how to apply for US universities, what are the procedures to be followed, etc., Some of my friends suggested xxx consultancies will be better because of that I have visited most of the consultancies available in Coimbatore but all the consultancies doing the US admission process in an opaque manner. They will tell us only these are the possible universities you can get admission. If we suggest some university they don't accept and simply they will tell ‘you can't get admission in that university’ even you are having a very good profile. Moreover admission process is under their control we don't know whether they send applications to all those universities or not. But EOA is completely different from other consultancies.
After coming to EOA: My journey of US begins here. Unlike other consultancies EOA is following unique strategies for US admissions. Some of the strategies are
1) Based on the student profile they will give the university list but that is not final until the student gets satisfied and also students has the priority to choose their universities.
2) Everything is a transparent process. Students will get login id and passwords for all those universities they have applied. So, students can check their application status in day to day basis moreover students knew that application was send to all those universities they specified.
3) Chance of getting admission is very high.
4) During visa most of us know what are the possible questions that VO asks even they prepare the answers but they don't know how to organize the answers (i.e., during the interview which point we should tell first and which point should tell last) EOA will fine tune us how to tell the proper answer for the questions without any fear during VISA Finally I want to conclude like this from admission to visa all process done by EOA are transparent and students who are choosing EOA is the destination will sure get benefited by having their VISA in their hand.
EOA rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Arunkumar(University of North Carolina, Charlotte, North Carolina)

Thank You EOA for helping me in selecting and applying to the universities, VISA process and pre-departure guidelines. In particular, I thank Mr. Varadarajan, Mr. Ramesh and Mr.Candhasswamie who helped me a lot in each and every process.
One thing I like the most is your open process. Every single process was made only with my knowledge. Since everything was online process I felt no strain reaching you. As a whole it is a good system with talented people, respecting and coordinating with all its customers and further it is service oriented.
In one word I will tell EOA ROCKZZZ…