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Is one year master valid for further study in other countries?
UK’s is an acceptable qualification for further studies with other countries. Even though the duration of the program is one year, the contact hours are at par with other countries like USA, Australia etc.
Am I eligible for further visa on completion of my studies in UK
On completion of your studies , you have 4 months to find an employment with min stipulated wages to qualify to file your work permit in UK.
What is SELTS ( Secured IELTS )
The content, program and examination pattern are all similar to IELTS. The only change is the security at the examination venue. In secured IELTS you are examined directly by Cambridge staff and not by an examiner appointed by them
Is it possible to get admission without IELTS
It is possible to get an offer letter with English requirement waiver from the Universities based on your past academic records. However it is certainly advisable to file your visa documents with IELTS ( SELTS )
What are the funds required for UK Visa?
You need to provide Liquid funding for one year Tuition Fees and One year Living ( As per UKBA stipulation )
Do I need to attend any personal or telephonic Interview?
At the time of submission of your visa application there could be short interview to check your communication ability. Beyond this if required some students are called for long interview by UKBA.
What are the intakes and What is the ideal time to start the process?
There are primarily two intake and they are Sept and Jan of every year. The entire process from admission to Visa would take appox 4 months. It is advisable to commence your process a min of 4 months before the commencement date of the program.
Can I take my spouse and kids when I go for my studies?
It is possible to take spouse and kids during your studies but you should be going for atleast a masters degree and not for degree or diploma.
Am I eligible to do part time job and if yes how many hours can I work and what could be the payment expected?
You are eligible to do part time and you can work for a max of 20 hours per week and the normal wage paid per hour is appox GBP 9 - 12