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How many years do i need to study to get Job Search Visa
You need to study for a min of one year if your program Level is 7 and above. For programs less than Level 7 , you need to complete a two year study to be eligible for Job search visa.
Are Diploma / Post Graduate Diploma programs offered have credibility
New Zealand Education system provides ample importance to Job Oriented Diplomas and Graduate Diplomas. These programs are launched primarily to enhance quality manpower which is required by the country.
Is IELTS essential for my studies
Currently IELTS is an essential factor for studying in New Zealand
Are New Zealand qualification acceptable for further study in Australia
New Zealand education system becomes an integral part of Australian system. The Diplomas and Degrees awarded by New Zealand are widely accepted for further studies in Australia
What is Fund Transfer Scheme and what are the condition attached to it
Fund Transfer Scheme is a mode of exhibiting your funds for visa. Under this mode on receipt of your Provisional Visa you are required to transfer one year Tuitions Fees to the college and open a bank account in New Zealand and transfer one year Living Expenses. Only after the above is confirmed and certified your final visa would be sanctioned.
Do I need to attend any personal or telephonic Interview?
Interview is not a mandatory requirement. Based on the profile a few students are interviewed by the visa officer from New Zealand Immigration Services
what are the intakes and What is the ideal time to start the process?
Normally Diploma and Post Graduate Diploma programs commence every alternate month (Implies 6 intakes an year)
Degree Programs are offered only twice an year in July and February
The normal processing period from Admission to visa is appox 4 months
Can I take my spouse and kids when I go for my studies and what level of study required?
Yes if you are pursuing a program of Level 8 and above. Dependent visa is filed separately and not along with the student visa
Am i eligible to do part time job and if yes how many hours can I work and what could be the payment expected?
You are eligible to work for 20 hours per week and the normal wages per hour is NZ$ 15- 20