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Are Australian Degrees internationally recognized?
Degrees from Australian schools are recognized all over the world. Graduates from Australian schools are highly sought after by both Australian and international employers. This is due to the impressive international reputation of the Australian education system, which is highly regulated by their government in order to keep up with the high standards of education in the country.
Australian Universities feature in the TOP 50 ranked Universities in the field of Arts, Humanities, Engineering, Clinical science, Life science, Social science and Physical science
What are the process for admission and visa>
We need to submit all necessary documents pertaining to your academics, Employment letter ( If any ) English proficiency along with Letter of recommendation and Personal statement.
All the above documents along with necessary funding to be exhibited for your visa
Am I eligible for Post Study Work and if yes what are the conditions I need to meet out?
Yes.. You are eligible for Post Study work provided
  • a) You have successfully completed a min 2 years study in Australia
  • b) Has the necessary English language skill certification
Can I File Permanent Residency on completion of studies?
Completion of your studies does not lead to Permanent Residency, but it takes you closer to that. Australia has a clear Migration Policy the details of which can be accessed in their website. Certainly a student completing his Higher studies from Australia stands a very good chance to become their Permanent Resident provided he / she qualifies in all other requirements.
Do I need IELTS or do they accept any other test?
It is essential to provide evidence of your English Capability. It could be done either by IELTS / TOEFL / PTE scores.
What are the funds requirements and how long it should be maintained and who all can show funds?
You need to exhibit that you are capable of funding your studies by providing necessary liquidity for managing one year of studies. Your funding should be Liquid Assets which can cover
  • a) One year Tuition Fees
  • b) One Year Living Exp (As per DIBP’s specification)
  • c) Airfare to meet out the travelling expenses
Ideally your close blood relatives need to be your sponsors. Funds need to be show in the name of your Father, Mother, Brother, Sister and Grand parents.
Do I need to attend any personal or telephonic Interview?
Education Institutions would conduct interviews at the time of issuing offer letter and Confirmation of Enrolments . Only few students based on their profile are interviewed by Australian High Commission, New Delhi. Others are granted visa based on the documents submitted to the High Commission.
What are the intakes and What is the ideal time to start the process
There are 3 intakes and related time to start the process is
Feb Intake - July / Aug
July Intake - Jan / Feb
Nov Intake - Apr / May
Can I take my spouse and kids when I go for my studies
Spouse and kids can Generally accompany students proceeding for Higher Education provided provision for necessary funds is shown to manage their living in Australia during the period of your study provided University accepts the student with Spouse and/or Kid under GTE.
Am i eligible to do part time job and if yes how many hours can I work and what could be the payment expected?
Students are permitted to work permit. You are eligible to work for 40 hours per fort night and Unlimited Hours during Semester Breaks and the average pay could be A$12-20/-per hour.